Frequent Asked Questions

Get started with Vietboxes, easier.
VietBoxes (Viet + Boxes) is a subscription box service which aims to offer Vietnamese gifts to the world in boxes, starting from our beloved coffee.

A subscription is an arrangement whereby goods, services or stock are sold periodically rather than individually. For instance, you subscribe to Shopify or Netflix for monthly entertainment; here, you get Vietnamese coffee send to your doorsteps.

For starters, Vietnam is the #1 producer of robusta beans in the world whereas other well-known countries such as Brazil and Ethiopia are known for producing arabica beans.

Robusta beans are, for lack of a better word, more robust than their arabica counterparts. They contain higher antioxidant properties and have 60% less sugar and fats than arabica beans, which makes them a bolder and smoother brew. As such, robusta beans often have earthier flavor notes like chocolate and nuts with deeper mouthfeels. For folks who love some milk or cream with their coffee — robusta beans are a creamer’s best friend!

If you happen to visit Vietnam, you will get addicted to the iced milk coffee. This famous drink has recently been featured on Taste Atlas as the 2nd best coffee in the world.

Helping coffee lovers all over the world to make genuine Vietnamese milk coffee at home is our obsession. The easiest way is to start from the Vietnamese ingredients and secret recipes provided in Vietboxes.

Absolutely! We feature different coffee beans from previous boxes in our Shop so that you can order individually when they suit your taste. If you cannot find it, please drop a line to our support at [email protected].

Right now, we have 3 options: 1 month, 3 months and 6 months. The longer your subscription is, the more discount and gifts you will receive.

We use Paypal as our main payment method. However, we also accept Bank Transfer – please contact us for more details.