Master the Art of Brewing with a Vietnamese Coffee Maker

tl;dr: Learn how to use a Vietnamese coffee maker

If you’re a coffee lover looking to explore different brewing methods, using a Vietnamese coffee maker is a great way to experience the unique flavors of Vietnamese coffee. In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to use a Vietnamese coffee maker, along with some tips for making the perfect cup of Vietnamese coffee. So grab your coffee beans and let’s get started!

What is a Vietnamese coffee maker?

A Vietnamese coffee maker, also known as a phin filter, is a simple and portable brewing device commonly used in Vietnam to make traditional Vietnamese coffee. It consists of three main parts: a small cup-like filter, a screw-on filter press, and a lid. The filter is designed to fit on top of a coffee cup or mug.

Step-by-step guide to using a Vietnamese coffee maker

Step 1: Gather your ingredients and equipment

Before you begin, make sure you have all the necessary ingredients and equipment. Here’s what you’ll need:

– Vietnamese coffee beans: Choose a high-quality, medium to dark roast coffee specifically labeled for Vietnamese coffee.
– Sweetened condensed milk: This is a key ingredient in Vietnamese coffee and adds a creamy sweetness to the brew.
– Hot water: Boil water and let it cool slightly before using.

Step 2: Prepare the coffee grounds

Grind the coffee beans to a medium-coarse consistency, similar to table salt. You can use a coffee grinder or purchase pre-ground Vietnamese coffee.

Step 3: Assemble the coffee maker

Remove the screw-on filter press from the filter and add the desired amount of coffee grounds to the filter chamber. Use a spoon or the back of the filter press to level the coffee grounds.

Step 4: Add hot water

Place the filter chamber on top of your coffee cup or mug. Slowly pour hot water (about 200°F or 93°C) into the filter chamber until it is about one-third full. Allow the coffee grounds to bloom for about 20 seconds.

Step 5: Let the coffee brew

After the initial bloom, add more hot water to the filter chamber until it is nearly full. Screw on the filter press gently, but do not press it down yet. Let the coffee brew for 4-5 minutes.

Step 6: Enjoy your Vietnamese coffee

Once the brewing time is complete, press down on the filter press firmly and slowly. This will help extract the flavors from the coffee grounds. Your Vietnamese coffee is now ready to be enjoyed!

Tips for making the perfect Vietnamese coffee

Choose the right coffee beans

To achieve the authentic taste of Vietnamese coffee, it’s important to use coffee beans specifically labeled for Vietnamese coffee. These beans are typically medium to dark roast and have a bold flavor profile.

Experiment with the coffee-to-water ratio

The coffee-to-water ratio can vary depending on personal preference. Start with a 1:10 ratio (1 part coffee to 10 parts water) and adjust according to your taste. If you prefer a stronger brew, increase the amount of coffee grounds.

Adjust the brewing time to your preference

The recommended brewing time for Vietnamese coffee is 4-5 minutes. However, you can adjust this time to suit your taste. A longer brewing time will result in a stronger and more robust flavor.

Common mistakes to avoid when using a Vietnamese coffee maker

– Using the wrong grind size: Make sure to use a medium-coarse grind to prevent over-extraction or clogging of the filter.
– Rushing the brewing process: Take your time and allow the coffee to brew for the recommended time to extract the full flavors.
– Using water that is too hot: Water that is too hot can lead to over-extraction and a bitter taste. Let the water cool slightly before pouring it into the filter chamber.

Alternative methods for making Vietnamese coffee

While the traditional Vietnamese coffee maker is the most common method, there are alternative ways to make Vietnamese coffee:

– French press: Use a French press to brew Vietnamese coffee by following similar steps as with the Vietnamese coffee maker.
– Pour-over method: Use a pour-over cone with a paper filter to brew Vietnamese coffee. Simply place the filter on top of your cup, add coffee grounds, and pour hot water over it.


Now that you know how to use a Vietnamese coffee maker, you can enjoy the rich and flavorful experience of Vietnamese coffee in the comfort of your own home. Remember to choose the right coffee beans, experiment with the coffee-to-water ratio, and adjust the brewing time to your preference. Avoid common mistakes and feel free to explore alternative brewing methods. So go ahead, grab your Vietnamese coffee maker, and start brewing your own delicious cup of Vietnamese coffee today!

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