Coconut coffee: The nice blend of the country

Vietnamese Coconut Coffee is a unique drink loved by many coffee devotees. The flavor of tastily rich, aromatic coconut milk combined with coffee helps dispel fatigue and energize the body.

In this article, let’s study coconut coffee and its recipe. There is no doubt that you will immediately fall for the drink, which is “storming” on the Vietnamese market in particular and the world in general.

What is Vietnamese Coconut Coffee?

In the simplest terms, coconut coffee is coconut-flavored coffee. In other words, coffee still plays the main flavor and is “flavored” with coconut milk. You will surely get fascinated by this coconut coffee with a typical coffee aroma, adding the aromatic, tastily rich coconut milk.

In Vietnam, coconut milk is a common ingredient in food processing and beverage preparation. You can find coconut milk in stewed food, cooked food, desserts, drinks, etc. The unusual combination of two ingredients in coconut coffee has brought your sense of an irresistibly delicious taste. This coffee is now easy to be found at drink shops. Nevertheless, by learning how to prepare and make it at home, you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere, or offering it to your relatives occasionally is also a good idea.

How to make Vietnamese coconut coffee

Prepare ingredients

Ingredients prepared for coconut coffee are quite simple and easy to be found:

  • Coffee powder
  • Coconut milk
  • Condensed milk
  • Dried coconut
  • Ice cubes

Moreover, you must use a blender, coffee maker, or coffee filter.

Vietnamese coconut coffee recipe

1. Make coffee

You need to prepare 30ml of espresso and only need to use the automatic coffee machine and press the button. All you must do is wait for a shot of standard espresso.

If you do not have a machine, you can use the filter to make coffee: add coffee powder to the filter, pour about 30ml of hot water inside and cover it.

However, it should be noted that espresso plays a very important role in making a cup of standard Vietnamese coconut coffee. People often use professional coffee machines (Rancilio, Expobar, and so on) that are suitable in cafes. Buying an automatic coffee machine is a good idea if you make it home. You can also use coffee made with a filter, but the taste will not be the same as the original, and the flavor of the coffee will not be strong.

Vietnamese coconut coffee

2. Grinding

Coconut coffee is made by the blending method. This is a method of mixing drinks with a blender. Put ice in the blender first and then add other ingredients later. It is noted that if the blender blade is not sharp, you should smash the ice first. However, the sharper the blade, the finer it will be and the better the cup of coconut coffee.

To get the right amount of ice, so the blend is not too liquid or too thick, you should use the glass containing the made coffee later to measure the ice. One cup full of ice will be the appropriate amount of ice for one cup of coconut coffee. You can use grated coconut with hot water if you don’t have canned coconut milk. This is quite manual, and the quality of the mixture also depends on many things, making it difficult for you to adjust to suit the taste.

3. Blend coffee with coconut milk

Put the ice in the blender with 60ml of coconut milk and 40ml of condensed milk.  Start to grind slowly, then gradually increase the speed until the ingredients are blended as smooth as snow, then turn off the machine.

4. Shake the mixture of coffee and coconut milk

Take 30ml of the freshly brewed coffee mixture and pour it into a shaker. If you don’t have a dedicated shaker, you can pour it into any bottle because the main purpose of shaking is to create bubbles. After shaking, pour the coffee into a glass cup.

5. Complete it

Slowly pour the coconut mixture into a glass of coffee, and sprinkle a few pieces of dry coconut on the cup as decoration.

Thus, we have completed the delicious Vietnamese coconut coffee right at home. The amount of ingredients needed above is for the standard recipe; however, depending on your taste, you can adjust it accordingly: increase the coffee portion if you like a strong bitter taste or increase the coconut milk portion if you like the delicious rich aromatic taste. Let’s apply this recipe, and send us your results immediately!


If you have unexpectedly fallen in love with the taste of coconut milk, the simple way to sip your favorite drink every day is to make your own. The recipe for this simple coconut milk coffee with easy-to-find ingredients is for you. Try it and show us your finished product.

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